Return and Risk in the Gaming Environment

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Mar 21, 2023 1:36:03 PM

Trust is a foundational cornerstone in brand safety for both consumers and brands. The quest to understand what buyers need and consumers want is never ending. Consumers/gamers not only want  privacy & security, and not having their immersive “live” environment littered with ads. The lack of control over ad placement in a virtual environment explains why advertisers have shown trepidation on diving in.

An article in New Digital Age gave a concise snapshot of the data one need consider when dealing with the issue of trust as it relates to digital advertising in the gaming space. “87% of consumers believe brands are responsible for ensuring ads appear in safe environments, advertisers have to be more careful than ever.” Now contrast that to a statistic showcased in a Games Industry article which says that, “56% of gamers trust companies and brands, compared to 47% of non-gamers.” So what should buyers believe? There is a balance between the opportunity to engage your target audience in a rich manner, and doing so within the bounds of brand safety. No easy choice, but a careful evaluation of a brand and its values should help you in your decision making.

When the opportunity to connect with your target in the gaming environment is clear and positive, lean into it. A great example is the 7-Eleven in-game advertising campaign for Gravity Rider Zero from Vivid Games. The point being, the higher you aim on the quality of gaming experience, the more positive association you’re likely to garner. Unlike social media feeds and site banners, gamers chose to be in that environment and consume whatever content is included - this reduces the likelihood of an ad seemingly clashing with the content and being seen as a distraction. 

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