Addressing Brand Safety in the Podcast Advertising Landscape

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • May 17, 2024 9:00:00 AM

The podcast industry is maturing and now has its own version of upfronts, like the IAB Podcast Upfront, providing a stage and platform for presentations on topics ranging from content previews to ad tech and multi-channel campaigns. This trend reflects the growing significance of podcasts. In the rapidly growing world of podcast advertising, ensuring brand safety becomes increasingly important as more dollars come to the space for key creators, diverse content, and consumer compatible formats.

To address brand safety concerns in podcasting, companies like Sounder are leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to transcribe and index podcast episodes. By analyzing content contextually and identifying potential brand safety issues based on industry standards, Sounder offers advertisers peace of mind. Triton Digital, known for its expertise in audio technology, plans to integrate Sounder into its suite of products to ensure brand safety across its streaming network and programmatic audio marketplace.

With the rebranding of Libsyn Ads, brands and agencies now have access to a premier platform offering high-quality, brand-safe podcast content at scale. Libsyn Ads boasts a vast inventory of exclusive podcasts and participating shows, coupled with advanced targeting solutions and outcome-based measurement capabilities. Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer of Libsyn, emphasizes the power of podcasting in driving consumer action and forging genuine connections with audiences.

As podcast advertising continues to evolve, prioritizing brand safety will remain crucial for advertisers who have been wary of the lack of controls in this space.  As new Gen AI brand safety options like Barometer hit the scene, advertisers now have more confidence in Podcasts as a means to maximize the impact of their campaigns. With innovative solutions and industry partnerships, brands can navigate the podcast advertising landscape knowing their messages are reaching audiences in safe and suitable environments.

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