Evolution in Digital Advertising for Live and Streaming Content

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Aug 18, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Embracing novel entertainment/channels and innovative modes of communication has always been a necessity. Witness the growth of programmatic channels and streaming options, which slowly but surely build new opportunities for advertisers to engage with customers in wholly new ways. The convergence of gaming and TV demonstrates how boundaries are blurring to create new opportunities for brands to be truly interactive with their audiences.

An exciting illustration of this evolution is seen as Youtube comedy stars “The Try Guys” partner with Kiswe's pioneering approach to experiment with a live stage performance of Romeo & Juliet that is coupled with interactive elements involving web-based viewers. “By leveraging Kiswe's advanced multicam and interactive features such as chat, cheer, fan react, and polling, viewers will be given the opportunity to vote and determine the fate of their favorite Try Guy, immersing themselves in the dynamic journey of the performance's unpredictable twists and turns.” This hybrid content approach layers audience preferences into a truly immersive experience. This shift signifies a profound move towards active participation and real-time outcomes. It also serves as a longform advertisement for the capabilities of Kiswe.

Brands venturing into uncharted territories must ensure that their business decisions are clear and ethical, to engender trust with consumers, but be highly conscious of brand safety concerns in such a dynamic environment. As an additional example, relatively new live-stream platform, Kick. “Kick has no plans to introduce the pre-rolls and in-stream banner ads that are ubiquitous on rival platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Instead, it hopes to encourage brands to integrate directly into livestreamers’ content.” Once again, trust and safety, become a major factor as a well-known streamer promoted Kick and several parties noted issues with ownership and transparency. “Kick.com doesn’t have details on its website about its founders or investors, raising some eyebrows among creators and onlookers.”

The digital advertising realm is witnessing a transformative shift as it explores new avenues and collaborations. Advertisers must keep pace with the convergence of platforms while prioritizing authenticity, transparency, and purpose. By respecting audience preferences and forming meaningful partnerships, brands can thrive in this exciting era of digital advertising.

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