The Fight Continues, Part 2

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • May 5, 2022 11:35:00 AM

Another annual report, another clear case made for the importance of everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem being prepared to fight for that system’s security.

Google just released its 2021 Ads Safety Report and presented some staggering numbers:
  • 3.4 billion ads blocked
  • 5.7 billion ads restricted
  • 1.7 billion pages taken action against
Google’s report follows a 2021 report with similar numbers from Microsoft.

Leading the way among the bad ads blocked by Google for violating policies were those 652.1 million that abused the ad network. Another 286.8 million were blocked or removed for having adult content and 136.9 million for infringing on trademarks.

Trademark issues led to 1.4 billion ads being restricted on Google in 2021, and 1.27 billion pages had action taken against them due to sexual content.

Google’s release announcing the 2021 report pointed out that the company “tripled the number of account-level suspensions for advertisers” between 2020 and 2021, the result of company efforts including “verifying advertisers’ identities and identifying coordinated activity between accounts.”

These kinds of efforts — and more — are required in 2022 and going forward if advertisers, agencies, brands, platforms, publishers, and everyone else involved in the legitimate world of digital advertising hope to keep the ecosystem safe and profitable. The Brand Safety Institute (BSI) has useful resources including checklists and tools you can use in your battle against the bad actors, and Brand Safe Workforce and Brand Safety Officer certifications to give you the information you need in the ongoing fight for your brand's protection.

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