BSI Publishes Brand Safety Resource Library

Posted by Brand Safety Institute • Mar 3, 2021 3:50:45 PM

The Brand Safety Institute today released its Brand Safety Resource Library. 

Check out the BSI Resource Library

A collection of practical guides, brand safety case-studies, industry research, and more, the Resource Library contains contributions from BSI's Brand Safety Officer in Residence, as well as collecting the work of leading professionals and brand safety experts in one convenient location. With tips and tools for brands, ad tech, and publishers, it's a one-stop-shop for anyone implementing, or improving, an effective brand safety practice.

“Brand safety is still a relatively new concept for digital advertising,” BSI co-founder Neal Thurman was quoted as saying. “Many people working in brand safety today were asked or assigned to cover one or more brand safety-related issues after arriving at their job, but they didn’t have a lot of support, references, or best practices to work from."

The Brand Safety Institute Resource Library aims to address these issues for its certified Brand Safety Officers, and others in digital advertising who are dealing with these issues on a day-to-day basis. 

At launch the Resource Library will include such guides as:

Identifying, Preventing, and Addressing Adjacency Issues
Discussion of best practices for brands, ad tech, and publishers around problems caused by undesirable ad adjacencies.

Hardening Defenses to Prevent Malware in the Direct Sales Channel
Guide to reducing the risk that a bad actor could gain access to a publisher’s users by exploiting weaknesses in the Direct Sales Channel.

Developing an Anti-Malware Program for your Organization
Publishers’ guide to preventing, monitoring, and stopping malware attacks on their users.

Selecting and Continuously Evaluating Your Vendors
Discussion of best practices in finding the right external partners for a business need, and making sure they live up to your expectations.

Understanding, Explaining, and Demonstrating the Value of a BSO
Discussion of how to communicate your value as a BSO across the company, and how to raise your profile.

Leveraging BSO Certification as a Differentiator in Market
Talking points for companies’ sales and business development teams to explain why their investment in an in-house BSO makes them a superior partner, versus those companies who do not make that investment.

Other resources will include a central repository of industry-wide brand safety frameworks, research, tools, and platform-specific policies and guidelines.

The Resource Library will continue to expand as BSI creates more tools, and as the industry as a whole continues to codify, and professionalize, brand safety practice.

Check out the BSI Resource Library


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