Responsibly Fostering Regulation in Gaming and Live-Streaming

Posted by Victor Z Glenn • Aug 25, 2023 9:00:00 AM

The explosive growth of gaming and live-streaming platforms is capturing the attention of millions, outshining even social media giants in terms of user engagement. This was pointed out in a recent article in The Drum which said, “Amazon-owned gaming streaming platform Twitch has around 35 million daily visitors who average a daily use time of 94 minutes. This is much higher than the average on social media, with Instagram’s users’ daily average being 32 minutes – although it is on a par with TikTok.”

With this surge in popularity comes increased scrutiny from government bodies and regulators. Notably, Senators Edward J. Markey (D) and Marsha Blackburn (R) who’ve jointly addressed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), urging an investigation into allegations surrounding YouTube's potential endangerment of children's data. This response highlights the growing awareness of the potential risks that can arise in these emerging spaces.

Recognizing the evolving dynamics, platforms like Twitch are taking measures to ensure brand safety and user experience. Streamers will soon have the ability to hide their streams from users who have been blocked from specific IP addresses, thus offering an additional layer of protection against potential harassers even when said users create a new account. The platform's consideration of IP bans demonstrates a commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment for users, a feature some game developers already employ to cut down on toxic behavior from players who violate End User License Agreements (EULA).

The esports market is further fueling this development, as recently stated in an Investors Observer article. “The upward trajectory of live game streaming, investments in the gaming sector, increasing viewership, ticket sales, heightened engagement, and the demand for robust league tournament infrastructure collectively drive the growth of the esports market.” As gaming and live-streaming continue to captivate audiences, stakeholders must work in tandem with regulators to maintain a secure and positive environment for all involved.

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